"Non-stop fun and comedy with great hope." - Theatre In The Now

"Julian Blackmore's score, Becca Anderson's and Dan Marshall's book and lyrics, enough energy to shame the Manhattan Project...combine to offer an other-worldly blast of real musical comedy." - Stage Buddy

Winner - 2014 Play-by-Play Best New Musical NYMF

Winner - 2014 Best Director NYMF (Thomas Caruso)

Winner - 2014 Best Actor Awards (Alyse Alan Louis and Jennifer Simard)

It’s the National High School Quizbowl Championship! Dreamy-eyed brainiac Maggie McCutter hopes to win a scholarship so she can escape her controlling mother. Maggie’s world is hilariously turned upside down when she falls for Tyler O'Neil, a football-obsessed slacker from the rival Walla Walla Walruses. As she's torn between the family she’s got and the friendship she's found, will Maggie’s trivial pursuits be in jeopardy? Quiz Bowl is the uproarious nerd-rock musical everyone will be buzzing about!

NYMF 2014 production, directed by Thomas Caruso. Photos by Micah Joel.