Speed Dating

A.B.M. Musicals was selected to attend an upcoming Writer-Producer Speed Date facilitated by Theatre Resources Unlimited.

Becca Anderson and Julian Blackmore will be attending and pitching their holiday musical SNOW WAY OUT (written with Dan Marshall). We are grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to meeting the other writers and producers who will be in attendance.

In SNOW WAY OUT, four strangers rent a rustic cabin each hoping for a solitary holiday. Blair, heavily pregnant, is trying to avoid her parents. Divorcee Charlie didn’t get invited to Christmas this year. Sherry, a pantheistic new-age spiritualist only wants to be with the ashes of her beloved Roger. And Colin, a product of the foster care system, always spends Christmas alone. But everyone’s antisocial plans are frozen when an AirBnB glitch and unforeseen blizzard leave them trapped in the same cabin. They have to overcome differences and work together if they want to get the Christmas they were hoping for.

SNOW WAY OUT is an off-beat, 4-actor, 90-minute holiday comedy performed on a unit set with a small band (piano, drums, bass & wind). It’s great for date nights, office parties, and audiences seeking holiday entertainment that isn’t aimed at children. A relentlessly tuneful pop score pairs up with a side-splitting, farcical book and snappy lyrics by an award-winning creative team.

A blackout, holiday spirits, and mysterious body bag converge to prove that even if you do escape your family, no one escapes Christmas. There’s SNOW WAY OUT!